Common Misconceptions About Grease Trap Cleaning in Snohomish

grease trap cleaning snohomishIf you own a restaurant or commercial kitchen, you know how important it is to stay on top of maintenance. This includes regular cleaning for your grease trap, which collects grease and other solids and helps keep your plumbing in good condition. Knowing some common misconceptions about grease trap cleaning will help you stay on top of its cleaning and maintenance. 

Grease Traps Only Collect Grease

While grease traps primarily capture fats, oils, and grease from kitchen wastewater, they can also accumulate food particles, debris, and other solids. Neglecting to remove these solids during cleaning can lead to reduced efficiency and potential issues with drainage.

All Cleaning Services Are the Same

Not all grease trap cleaning services are equal in terms of quality and thoroughness. It’s essential for businesses to research and choose reputable service providers with experience in grease trap maintenance and compliance.

Cleaning is Only Important During Busy Times

One incredibly common misconception about grease trap cleaning is that it only needs to be done when you’re busy. However, missing cleaning appointments can result in clogged drains and broken plumbing, even if it is your slow time of year. For the most part, it is always better to keep up with a regular cleaning schedule. 

Need Grease Trap Cleaning in Snohomish?

The Grease Group has years of hands-on experience assisting local businesses with under sink, holding tank and grease interceptor traps. Our seasoned crew is dedicated to providing clients with unrivaled workmanship. Contact us today to ensure your company stays in compliance and passes all audit checks. 

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Posted on February 22, 2024 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business