The Importance of Your Grease Trap Maintenance Log in Smokey Point

grease trap maintenance smokey pointIf you own a food-based business, then you know it’s essential to maintain the grease trap. A near-full trap can cause slow drains and foul smells. After a scheduled cleaning service, the grease trap technician will hand you a grease trap maintenance log. The information here includes the dates of the cleaning and the amount of grease removed; some logs include further information. Learn why it’s imperative to keep this document and store it in a safe place.

Regulatory Compliance

In many municipalities, there are laws and guidelines that pertain to businesses that use grease traps. Failure to comply can lead to fines, which may adversely impact a company’s reputation and revenue. In severe instances, your business could end up getting shut down. The maintenance log is a record of good faith in caring for your grease trap.

More Efficient Service Calls

If you require repair services, sharing your maintenance logs with a grease trap technician can expedite the process. The technician will be able to discern vital details about your grease trap’s operational history. This may help in diagnosing the issue.

Reduced Liability

Keeping your maintenance logs helps minimize your liability if an issue arises with the grease trap. It’s your proof that you have had the trap cleaned in accordance with local ordinances.

Keep Your Grease Trap Maintenance Log in Smokey Point

The Grease Group has years of hands-on experience assisting local businesses with under sink, holding tank and grease interceptor traps. Our seasoned crew is dedicated to providing clients with unrivaled workmanship. Leave it to us to ensure your company stays in compliance and passes all audit checks.

We Provide Grease Trap Maintenance Log Documentation

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