3 Questions to Ask Your Grease Trap Contractor Serving Issaquah

grease trap contractor issaquahYour grease trap contractor is one of the most essential vendor relations your restaurant has. When the unit isn’t performing optimally, it can lead to foul odors and present serious sanitation concerns. When you make an appointment with a contractor, there are some questions you may want to ask. Here are the three inquiries we get the most often from restaurant and diner owners.

Is Your Contractor a Full-Service Company?

A single contractor can perform a multitude of services, such as under sink maintenance and grease interceptor cleaning. When a single company performs all of these tasks, it simplifies the logistics and billing.

Will The Company Send the Same Team to Service Your Restaurant Every Time?

If the same crew arrives to service your holding tank every time, they’re more likely to become familiar with the intricacies of your specific system and pinpoint troubles. In any case, we recommend requesting a copy of written documentation of the maintenance work done. This way, if a new team performs the work, you’ll have the paperwork on hand for them to reference if needed.

How Is the Material from Your Grease Trap Disposed Of?

Meticulous handling of waste from the holding tank must be done to strict EPA standards. This ensures the waste doesn’t contaminate the soil or water. There are also regulations for disposal. Refer to the contract that outlines how the company will handle and dispose of the waste.

Are You Looking for a Grease Trap Contractor in the Issaquah Area?

The Grease Group provides a wide spectrum of grease trap services, including comprehensive service plans. A grease trap contractor can answer all of your questions regarding maintenance, repairs, and inspections. Contact us to set up an appointment.

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