Grease Trap Pumping in Smokey Point – How Does It Work?

grease trap pumping smokey pointYour grease trap is constantly operating to intercept food and cooking grease. Maintaining it is just as essential as maintaining the facility’s sanitation. Otherwise, you run the risk of failing a health inspection. Many jurisdictions have laws regarding grease trap cleaning and intervals. Learn about the ins and outs of grease trap pumping and what to expect when scheduling this all-important task.

Remove the Grease and Water

First, the technician will remove any fat, oil, and grease floating on the surface of the under sink installation, interceptor, or holding tank. The sludge will be properly stored and later disposed of per local laws. The remaining water is then pumped out.

Clean the Trap

Once the grease, solids, and water are pumped, the technician will scrub the sides and bottom of the trap until they’re free of debris and fat deposits. This minimizes smells and maintains proper hygiene. The cleaning process also helps the technician identify performance issues.

Inspect It

Once the trap has been drained and cleaned, the technician will visually examine the under-sink, grease interceptor, or holding tank for possible issues with the pipes or seals. Upon completion, you’ll receive the formal documentation of the service for your records. The technician will also discuss timetables regarding your next service appointment.

Need Grease Trap Pumping for Your Smokey Point Business?

The Grease Group provides speedy grease trap services. Our seasoned technicians are versed in servicing under sinks, grease interceptors, and holding tank systems. We provide personalized service plans, too, so our clients receive the maintenance they need with the convenience of locked-in rates. Call us today to schedule your first or next appointment.

Clean and Professional Grease Trap Pumping Services for Smokey Point

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