How to Choose a New Grease Trap for Your Smokey Point Restaurant

new grease trap in smokey pointWhen you run a commercial kitchen, the grease trap is one of the most important appliances you own. If it gets backed up, the flooding water can adversely impact operations, not to mention you now have a health hazard. If the appliance keeps getting backed up, then it may be time for a new grease trap or grease interceptor. Here are some points to be privy to when picking out a new grease trap in Smokey Point.

Factor in How Many Appliances Drain Into the Grease Trap

Does your kitchen have multiple sinks and dishwashers running at the same time? If so, the grease trap may be too small. The average grease trap is able to accommodate up to 50 gallons every minute. For anything more than that, you’ll need a unit with a larger holding tank.

Get the Right Size for Your Kitchen Needs

Grease traps can withstand different flow rates. Once it’s at 25% capacity, it’ll usually need to be pumped. This is something to fathom when selecting a size.

Be Code Compliant

State or local regulations may mandate grease traps to be of a certain size or capacity, depending on the business type. When selecting a unit, be sure it’s compliant with your local plumbing or other codes. Failure to comply can result in hefty fines.

Have You Installed a New Grease Trap in Smokey Point?

Regardless of the grease trap size, it’s absolutely pivotal that you service the unit at regular intervals. The Grease Group provides a number of grease trap maintenance services, including pumping and under sink care. A representative can help you determine a grease trap model that’s suitable for your daily business operations and current kitchen layout.

Installation for New Grease Trap in Smokey Point

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