What Does Grease Trap Maintenance in Lynnwood Typically Include?

grease trap maintenance lynnwoodWhen you run a food-based business, your grease trap is an overlooked yet absolutely essential component. Its filtering ability keeps your plumbing operating smoothly, so the necessity of routine grease trap care can’t be overemphasized. Cities typically have grease trap cleaning guidelines in place because major clogs can lead to significant issues in public water mains. Here’s what you need to know about this important responsibility.

Why Your Grease Trap Matters

The grease trap diverts FOG, or fat, oil and grease to keep sludge away from the sewer lines and keep them from blocking your pipes. On average, businesses require grease trap cleaning every one to three months, or when the tank reaches a quarter of its capacity, whichever comes first.

What Does the Service Technician Do?

Expect the technicians to filter out trapped FOG and scrub the parts of the trap that accumulate sludge on the inner walls. This may also include cleaning the holding tank and documenting any areas that need further servicing. 

Documenting The Work

As mentioned, extensive documentation comes with grease trap servicing. Keep records of all work done. This could be of valuable assistance in the event you need to show proof of good-faith maintenance. This could be a difference maker in the event of an audit or health inspection.

Do You Need Grease Trap Care in Lynnwood?

The Grease Group is here to serve all of your grease trap requirements set forth by municipal law. We perform extensive work, including under-sink and grease interceptor cleaning. Regardless of the size and model, leave it to us to perform the needed grease trap care and ensure your system is able to perform its all-important function.

Prompt Grease Trap Care for Lynnwood Businesses

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