Benefits of Signing Up for a Grease Trap Service Plan in the Everett Area

Grease Trap Service Plan EverettIf you own a dining establishment in the Everett area, many responsibilities come with it. This includes regular grease trap maintenance. Neglecting the care of your under sink or holding tank can lead to a number of issues, not to mention you’ll be in violation of health codes. This is why it’s beneficial to sign up for a grease trap service plan. Here are some of the advantages to consider

Your Grease Trap Is One Less Thing to Worry About

With routine care that’s part of your service plan, you won’t ever have to worry about the next appointment or possible surprise health inspection. This also ensures that issues with your grease trap and interceptor are detected early and fixed before serious problems can arise.

Customized Contracts Meet Your Business Needs

Enroll in a plan that fits your precise needs. No two businesses are alike. Each business has varying needs depending on the size and use of its under sink or holding tank. You can get a personalized plan and avoid paying for unneeded services. Plans can also be adjusted mid-contract to accommodate changes, such as the installation of a new holding tank.

Budget More Efficiently

Most maintenance related to your business, such as disposal services, requires consistent fees that rise over time. If you sign up for a grease trap maintenance plan, then the rate remains locked in for the duration of the contract, usually one year. This saves you money and makes budgeting simpler.

Interested in a Grease Trap Service Plan for Your Everett Area Business?

We provide a number of grease trap service plans for diners and restaurants all over the Everett area. Leave it to The Grease Group to regularly keep your grease trap clean and in line with local codes and ordinances. Contact us today to inquire about our wide gamut of plans and personalization options.

Get a Customized Grease Trap Service Plan for Your Everett Area Restaurant

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