Signs you need Grease Trap Cleaning Services in Mountlake Terrace

grease trap cleaning in Mountlake TerraceGrease trap cleaning in Mountlake Terrace is necessary for any establishment that serves or processes food in a commercial kitchen. Holding off on cleaning can lead to backups in the holding tank, in turn leading to an abrupt halt in operations. It can also create unsanitary conditions, not to mention you can be in violation of health and safety protocols. The following are signs to watch for that may indicate your grease trap is on the verge of failing or that it’s near its holding capacity. These signs warrant professional maintenance pronto.

Poor Drainage

Whether you have an under-sink or holding tank, a typical sign is slow draining. When the unit fills to capacity, the debris has nowhere to go other than to remain in the tank. Consequently, clogs develop.

Foul Odor

Another indicator you need cleaning is abnormal smells. If the smell is foul and appears to come from the pipes, it may point to trapped food debris.

Plumbing Issues

In addition, you may notice other plumbing-related problems. You may notice concurrent problems with the toilet or bathroom sink, to list some examples.

Need Grease Trap Cleaning in Mountlake Terrace?

Is it time for grease trap cleaning? If any of the above signs become apparent, then it’s time to contact The Grease Group for professional assistance. We have years of experience serving countless businesses in Mountlake Terrace and the surrounding region, from diners to food-processing plants. Our services are diverse and range from under-sink maintenance to grease interceptor cleaning. Whatever your needs, leave it to us to ensure your grease trap is service-ready and within health code guidelines. 

Grease Trap Cleaning in Mountlake Terrace

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