How to Prevent Issues with Your Under-Sink Grease Trap in Esperance

under-sink grease trap esperanceYou and your employees can offset issues with your restaurant’s or diner’s under-sink grease trap in Esperance. With the right preventive measures, you can avoid costly repairs and a temporary halt in business operations. Be sure your staff adheres to the following best practices when handling food waste. 

Don’t Pour Oil or Grease Down Drains

A guaranteed way to cause a backup in your under-sink grease trap is by constantly pouring oil and grease down the drains. The correct way to dispose of oil is by pouring these semi-solids into a solid container with a lid, such as a coffee can, before disposing of it. Grease traps can only handle so much oil before a clog occurs.

Wipe Plates into Garbage

Food scraps should never go into the drain. Wipe all plates and utensils down before putting them into the washer. Scraps like bones, rice, and oily sauce belong in the waste bin, not down the sink drain.

Pre-Soak Dishes 

After wiping down the eating ware, pre-wash them in the sink first before placing them into the washer. This will remove additional grease remnants. Even a small amount of grease can gradually accumulate in the pipes over time and eventually cause a backup.

Schedule Under-Sink Grease Trap Cleaning in Esperance

The above tips can offset backups from occurring. However, this doesn’t negate the need for regular under-sink and grease interceptor cleaning from a professional. Contact the team at The Grease Group to schedule cleanings at routine intervals. This will ensure your grease trap operates efficiently and in accordance with local codes. We perform cleaning for most grease trap types, including holding tanks

Under-Sink Grease Trap Cleaning in Esperance

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