Managing Your Kitchen Between Regular Grease Trap Cleaning in Mill Creek

regular grease trap cleaning mill creekDo you manage a restaurant in Mill Creek? If so, you probably are aware of the importance of regular grease trap cleaning for your business. The following tips can help you care for your grease trap in between professional cleanings.

Don’t Pour Grease Down Drains

It may sound obvious, but you shouldn’t ever pour grease or any oily substances down the drain. Grease solidifies when exposed to cold temperatures inside the pipes, leading to eventual backups. Routine under sink cleaning ensures small grease buildups inside the drain are removed.

Utilize Strainers

It’s a simple and inexpensive addition to your kitchen, but strainers are often underutilized. While they can’t intercept every piece of debris, they do stop a significant amount of solid material from getting in the drain. Have one for every drain and be sure they’re the proper size for the drain’s width.

Establish a Maintenance Log System

In addition, consider creating a maintenance log system for your grease interceptor or trap. There are various app tracking systems to help you keep track of maintenance intervals. You can also send reminders to staff members about the dos and don’ts regarding kitchen best practices.

Schedule Your Next Regular Grease Trap Cleaning in Mill Creek

Are your grease trap and holding tank due for a cleaning? Contact The Grease Group to schedule your next cleaning session. We provide service plans to ensure your system gets the regular grease trap cleaning it needs to maintain optimal function year-round. Routine cleaning not only prevents backups but also ensures your establishment is in compliance with food and safety regulations.

Schedule Regular Grease Trap Cleaning Services in Mill Creek

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