Common Grease Trap Problems in West Lake Stevens

common grease trap problems West Lake StevensRegular maintenance of your grease interceptor or grease trap will ensure the good health of your system. Nevertheless, serious issues may still arise from time to time. Here are some of the common grease trap problems that business owners report or that we detect upon an inspection. These issues all require a diagnosis from a professional grease trap maintenance service.

Crossover Clog

Crossover clogs occur when waste accumulates in the line between two compartments. You’ll notice an overflow coming from the first compartment. You will need to bring in a technician to determine the source and point of the clog.

Incoming/Outgoing Line Clog

Another typical clog stems from the incoming and outgoing lines. A symptom of this is a backup from the sink and an overflow in the compartment. This actually may not be a problem with your grease trap but rather an issue with the city sewer line.

Full Grease Trap

Clogs of any kind occurs when grease isn’t adequately removed from the first compartment when needed. This is why we can’t overstate the importance of grease trap and under sink cleaning.

Do You Detect Common Grease Trap Problems in West Lake Stevens?

If you notice any of the aforementioned problems, don’t hesitate to contact The Grease Group for assistance. Our technicians address and fix common grease trap problems for establishments all over West Lake Stevens. Learn about the various service plans we provide for local businesses. Regular maintenance is the key to preventing most major issues from arising in the first place. 

All the Help You Need for Common Grease Trap Problems in West Lake Stevens

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