When is Grease Trap Cleaning Necessary in North Marysville?

Grease Trap Cleaning Necessary North MarysvilleWhen is grease trap cleaning necessary for your Marysville business? You need to schedule under-sink cleaning at regular intervals. This ensures your establishment is up to code and that you meet food safety sanitation requirements. Here are the signs that may indicate your grease trap is long overdue for a professional cleaning.

Foul Smells

Does your nose pick up on a foul odor from the commercial kitchen? This is a sign that rotting food debris is accumulating in the pipes. This is a strong indicator that you need grease interceptor cleaning. Food remnants trapped in the pipes can lead to backup and sanitation issues.

Poor Drainage

Is the kitchen sink draining more slowly than usual? The grease trap can only hold so much waste before the pipes begin clogging. This is a sign the grease trap is overcome by grease and other biosolid waste.

Other Plumbing Issues

The grease trap is connected to the pipe network. If the grease trap begins filling up, then it’s only a matter of time before other problems begin arising, such as leaks. Problems can also manifest in other areas of the facility, such as the bathroom.

Is Grease Trap Cleaning Necessary at Your Establishment in North Marysville?

Have you noticed any of the above signs in your commercial kitchen? If so, then don’t waste time and call The Grease Group right away. Our team performs grease trap cleaning for businesses in and around North Marysville. We provide service plans to make it affordable to maintain an organized cleaning schedule and stay in compliance.

Why is Grease Trap Cleaning Necessary in North Marysville?

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