The Importance of Your Grease Trap Maintenance Log in Smokey Point

grease trap maintenance smokey pointIf you’re a food-based business owner, manager or employee, you know how important it is to take care of your grease trap. A too-full trap can lead to slow drains and strong odors. Upon completing a cleaning service, the grease trap technician will provide you with a grease trap maintenance log. The information that’s recorded here includes the dates of the cleaning and the volume of grease removed; some logs include additional details. Learn why it’s so important to hold onto this document and keep it where you can access it easily.

Regulatory Compliance

In most communities, there are laws and regulations that apply to businesses that have grease traps. Violations can get a business fined, which may impact a company’s bottom line severely, and could even get a restaurant shut down. Your maintenance log is your proof that you’ve met the regulations.

More Efficient Service Calls

If you need to call for repair service, sharing your maintenance logs with a grease trap repair technician can expedite the work. Your technician will be able to gather important information about the history of your grease trap’s performance and cleaning schedule, which may help with diagnosing the problem.

Reduced Liability

Keeping your maintenance logs is essential to help minimize your liability if something goes wrong with your grease trap. It’s your proof that you have had the trap cleaned according to the standards required by your municipality.

Work With a Professional Team on Grease Trap Maintenance in Smokey Point

The Grease Group has decades of experience serving local businesses with under sink, holding tank and grease interceptor traps. Our highly trained team is committed to serving clients with distinction, working hard to be unobtrusive to your business while taking care of your grease trap needs. We offer convenient scheduling and service agreements, too, for maximum convenience. Contact us today to book your grease trap maintenance appointment.

Protect Your Business with Expert Grease Trap Maintenance in Smokey Point

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