Grease Trap Pumping in Smokey Point – How Does It Work?

grease trap pumping smokey pointYour grease trap is a workhorse of your commercial kitchen, and keeping it in good working order isn’t just important to the cleanliness of your business–it reduces your regulatory risk, too. Many businesses are subject to laws that specify how often the traps must be cleaned and serviced. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect from your grease trap pumping service technician. 

Remove the Grease and Water

First, your technician will lift away any fat, oil and grease floating at the top of your under sink installation, interceptor or holding tank for responsible disposal. Then, a vacuum is used to remove any sunken solids. Finally, the water gets pumped out. 

Clean the Trap

Once the grease, solids and water are removed, your technician will scrub the sides and bottom of your trap until they’re clean and fresh. This reduces odors, maintains good hygiene and gives your technician an opportunity to identify any areas of concern.

Inspect It

Once the trap has been drained and cleaned, your technician will visually inspect the under sink unit, grease interceptor or holding tank for problems with the pipes or seals. Finally, you’ll get documentation of the service for your records, and you’ll be able to book your next service appointment.

Do You Need Grease Trap Pumping for Your Smokey Point Business?

The Grease Group  offers prompt and reliable grease trap services. Our experienced technicians are comfortable working on your under sink, grease interceptor and holding tank systems with confidence and skill. We offer customized service plans, too, so our customers can get the essential maintenance they need with the convenience of locked-in rates. Contact us today to schedule your grease trap pumping services.

Clean and Professional Grease Trap Pumping Services for Smokey Point

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