What Does Grease Trap Maintenance in Lynnwood Typically Include?

grease trap maintenance lynnwoodWhen you run a food service business, your grease trap is an unsung hero of your operations. Its filtering function keeps your plumbing running well, so the importance of a regular grease trap maintenance can’t be overstated. Municipalities often have grease trap cleaning regs in place because large clogs can cause major problems in public water mains. Here’s what you need to know about this important task.

Why Your Grease Trap is So Important

FOG, or fat, oil and grease is diverted by your grease trap to keep them out of the sewer system and prevent them from stopping up your plumbing. Cleaning is generally needed every 1-3 months or when the trap is ¼ full, whichever comes first.  

What Does Your Service Technician Do?

You can expect your service technician to remove trapped FOG and clean the parts of your trap that slow down the water from your sinks before it enters your pipes so the grease can settle out. Your technician may also carry out a visual inspection of the under-sink trap or holding tank and note if any repairs or service is needed. 

Documenting The Work

Grease trap cleaning services are also documented with required paperwork. It’s wise to keep these records on file.  This way you can keep track of your maintenance costs as well as ensure compliance with regulatory requirements for grease trap cleaning. 

Do You Need Grease Trap Maintenance in Lynnwood?

The Grease Group is your reliable source for all your grease trap service and maintenance needs. With decades of experience serving local businesses, our professional team has the expertise to take care of your grease trap installation, no matter the size or model. We even offer service agreements for your convenience. Contact us today to learn more about our grease trap cleaning services

Prompt Grease Trap Maintenance for Lynnwood Businesses

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