When to Call for Urgent Grease Trap Pumping in Kirkland

grease trap pumping kirklandGrease traps require regularly scheduled care, but even the most well-maintained interceptors and tanks can sometimes require urgent attention. Food services rely heavily on working grease traps, so it’s important to avoid letting problems go. Here are three signs you need grease trap pumping outside of your service plan.

Your System is Backed Up

Food, oil and grease clogs can hit anytime, and when your under-sink grease trap is blocked, everything can back up quickly. When this happens, emergency service may be the only way to get things going again. Without it, you may have a health hazard on your hands.

Your System Spills Over

If the blockage in your grease interceptor is bad enough, it can result in an overflow of contaminated water. Not only will this be messy but it can also result in slip and fall hazards and water damage that will be difficult and expensive to repair if it’s not addressed promptly.

There is an Extreme Odor

Some grease trap problems cause intense odors. This can affect the well-being of your kitchen team and their ability to do their work well. It can also negatively impact your reputation with customers, who may decide to dine elsewhere if your restaurant smells unpleasant. 

Do You Need Grease Trap Pumping Services Fast in Kirkland?

The Grease Group, a locally owned company that’s licensed, bonded and insured, is ready to provide your restaurant with high-quality grease trap cleaning and maintenance services. From the smallest café to the largest institutional food service operations, our team has the skills and experience to deliver reliable results that minimize disruption of your business. Contact us today for all your ordinary maintenance and urgent grease trap pumping needs.

Responsive Grease Trap Pumping Services for Kirkland Restaurants

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