How to Prevent Issues with Your Under-Sink Grease Trap in Esperance

under-sink grease trap esperance You and your staff can do a lot to prevent issues with your restaurant’s under-sink grease trap in Esperance. By taking daily precautions, you can decrease the number of times a grease trap cleaning specialist is needed for clogs and emergencies. Consider posting reminders so you and other workers remember the following.

Don’t Pour Oil or Grease Down Drains

A sure-fire way to cause clogs in your under-sink grease trap is by pouring oil and grease down your drains. Your grease trap isn’t made to handle this type of use consistently. Old oil and grease should be poured into a covered container and disposed of properly.

Wipe Plates into Garbage

You’re also likely to run into trouble if you put food scraps down the drain. Instead, wipe plates and pans off thoroughly over a trashcan. Contact a grease trap cleaning specialist right away if a clog does develop. 

Pre-Soak Dishes 

After you’ve cleared leftover food from dishes, prewash them in the sink before placing them in the dishwasher. 

Schedule Under-Sink Grease Trap Cleaning in Esperance

While these tips can help prevent issues from developing, you’ll still need to schedule regular service appointments. Whether you’re dealing with a clog or just need routine under-sink grease trap cleaning, The Grease Group Trap Services is here to help. Experts in the field, we’re the go-to solution for restaurants in need of grease interceptor installations, maintenance and repair. We can also offer assistance with holding tanks and interceptor pumping. Contact us to find out more about our affordable service plans or to schedule a one-time appointment.

Under-Sink Grease Trap Cleaning in Esperance

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