Basic Information about Grease Interceptors in Edmonds

grease interceptors edmonds Knowing the difference between grease interceptors and grease traps is important. These units perform similar functions, but are quite different. While a grease trap cleaning specialist can answer questions and provide information specific to your business, becoming familiar with system basics can be really helpful. Keep the following in mind as you establish a maintenance plan.

The Basics

While similar, grease interceptors are a little different from grease traps. For one thing, they are larger. This makes them ideal for large-scale food establishments that create a significant amount of grease. Additionally, these big size FOG removal units are often installed underground outside. They’re meant for high-pressure water environments and can function with a flow rate of 50 gallons per minute.


It’s important to schedule regular maintenance for grease interceptors. Ideally, you should schedule service whenever the tank is about 25% full. As a general rule, however, anticipate making an appointment every one to three months. The exact timing will depend on usage. It’s also worth noting that interceptor pumping will take place less frequently than grease trap cleaning. This is because interceptors have a greater capacity. 

Cleaning Tips

Keep the following cleaning tips in mind:

  • Schedule cleanings before or after business hours
  • Recycle used cooking oil when possible
  • Only dispose of residual FOG in the sink
  • Scrape off plates and utensils prior to washing 

Get Help with Grease Interceptors in Edmonds

The Grease Group Trap Services is here to help with all your grease interceptor installation, maintenance and repair needs. We offer businesses a variety of affordable service plans to choose from. You can also count on our highly trained contractors for grease trap cleaning services, as well as assistance with holding tanks and under sink grease traps. Feel free to contact us to set up an appointment. 

Assisting with Grease Interceptors in Edmonds

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